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Floor map 1F-2F


Photograph:INAMORI Hall

The place of academic and cultural exchange.
Capacity: 288 seats
The hall can be divided into 2 or 3 compartments.

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Kyoto Prize Library

Photograph:Kyoto Prize Library

The place of introducing the activities of Inamori Foundation and Kyoto Prize to the various visitors of Ito Campus.

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Chinese Restaurant TEN TEN

Photograph:Chinese Restaurant TEN TEN

We have Today's lunch, course meal and various menu for students like bowl meals or noodles. We also have full-course meal for dinner.
All you can drink system is available for additional charges.

Opening Hours Weekday: 11:30-21:00
Saturday 11:30-16:00
Holiday: Every Sunday & Public Holidays
August & September Weekday :11:30-16:00
Please contact us to make a reservation for an evening reception.

3F-4F INAMORI Frontier Research Center

Floor map 3F-4F

INAMORI Frontier Research Center

INAMORI Frontier Research Center has been established in the Ito Campus of the Kyushu University in April 2008 with a substantial support from Inamori Foundation and KYOCERA Corporation. The center is in the second to fourth floor of the Inamori Center building.

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