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Welcome to the Kyoto Prize Library


Inamori Salon

Inamori Center has been contributed by Founder, Dr. Kazuo INAMORI of the Inamori Foundation for the centenary anniversary of Kyushu University in 2011.

In the building, we added the exhibition institution the Kyoto Prize Library to introduce the activity of this foundation aimed at contributing to peace and prosperity of the human and the Kyoto Prize widely to a researcher, a cultured person visiting Kyushu University and a citizen.

The Library was closed in 2021, and in this place, the Inamori Salon which is utilized along with the Inamori hall was opened.

The Kyoto Prize


Kyoto Prize Presentation Ceremony

The Kyoto Prize is an international award of Japanese origin, presented to individuals who have made significant contributions in the fields of science and technology, as well as the arts and philosophy.

The Kyoto Prize is presented in the three categories of Advanced Technology, Basic Sciences, and Arts and Philosophy, each of which comprises four fields, making a total of 12 fields. Every year, one Prize is awarded in each of the three categories.

Each laureate is presented with a diploma, a Kyoto Prize medal, and prize money.

One of the distinctive features of the Kyoto Prize is that it is presented in both “science” and “arts and philosophy” fields. This is because of Inamori’s conviction that the future of humanity can be assured only when there is a balance between scientific development and the enrichment of the human spirit.

Medal and Diploma


The Kyoto Prize Diploma


The Kyoto Prize Medal

The medal presented to the laureates in honor of their achievements was designed by Yoshiyuki Chosa (1915-2002), a metalsmith artisan and recipient of Japan's Order of Culture award. The design embodies the fusion of eternal nature and science as the foundation of human happiness. The center of the medal features a relief image of a camphor tree, an object of reverence since ancient times, symbolizing eternity. The medal is made of 20-karat gold, and adorned with four recrystallized emeralds and rubies called Inamori Stones. A calligraphic inscription on the Kyoto Prize Diploma is written each year by the president of the Myoshin-ji Temple School of the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism.

About Inamori Foundation

Inamori Foundation

Inamori Foundation was established on April 12th, 1984 by Dr.Kazuo INAMORI who is a current honorary chairman of KYOCERA Corporation and started the business in 1985.

For further information, please access to the website of Inamori Foundation.