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Inamori Center


Inamori Center

Inamori Center has been contributed by Founder, Dr. Kazuo INAMORI of "The Inamori Foundation" for the centenary anniversary of Kyushu University in 2011.
Inamori Center building has been built to provide Kyushu University with a new hub for education and research contributing to the society along with deepening international exchanges of people.
"INAMORI Hall" and "INAMORI Salon" are on the first floor of the Inamori Center building for research and cultural exchanges with researchers from overseas universities or research institutions.
Inamori Center will symbolize the policy of Kyushu University, which is open to the society and promoting both education and research as well as international and regional exchanges.

Honorary Director/Director

Honorary Director


President, Japan Student Services Organization
Former President, Kyushu University


Trustee and Vice President, Kyushu University